Hotel FAQ’s

*What is the Bonaire National Marine Park orientation dive?

There seems to be a great deal of confusion about exactly what the Bonaire National Marine Park requirement of an orientation dive is. Some think it is a test. Some think it is a course that must be scheduled. Some think it is a dive with an instructor or divemaster from the resort where they are staying.

The actual requirement is simply that the first dive made on Bonaire this trip needs to be done in front of the resort or dive shop where you are getting tanks. The dive is done on your own. It is simply to make sure your dive equipment is working and that you are weighted properly so that you don’t damage Bonaire’s reefs when on a boat trip or shore diving. Some resorts have a schedule for this. Others, like the Carib Inn, allow you to do this whenever you want.

If you would like this to be a guided dive, we can set that up. The cost is $45 per person. Please schedule this in advance.

*May I wear gloves while diving in Bonaire?

The use of gloves is prohibited in the Bonaire National Marine Park. Divers who must wear gloves due to medical conditions will need to bring a doctor’s declaration, not older than 30 days, to the headquarters of the Bonaire National Marine Park at Barcadera to get a permit allowing them to use gloves.

*Is there beach diving in front of the Carib Inn?

Yes. We have a dock with a ladder or you can use the shore.

*Can we dive with you even though we are staying at another hotel?

Yes, we are always very happy to have you dive with us.

*How much does it cost to dive for a week?

That greatly depends on what you want to do and any equipment you may need. It is sort of like asking, “how much does a new car cost?” You can visit our dive page for rates or email us and we can help.

*Will we need to rent a vehicle?

Yes, for shore diving; no, if you plan on only doing boat diving. Town is perhaps a ten-minute pleasant walk. A car is handy, but not absolutely necessary.

*Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.

*Do you have a dive shop or one nearby?

We are a full-service dive center. We have our own dock and boats, plus a well-stocked retail store at the Carib Inn.

*Do you arrange or have airport pickup?

We encourage our guests to make use of local transportation, Bonaire taxi drivers. This way you support local businesses, while also getting to know the island and its people. There are taxis waiting at the airport when planes come in.

*Do the smaller dive tanks have as much air in them as the large ones?

No, they are smaller. They have the same pressure – 3000 psi – but the container is smaller so therefore less volume of air. The standard tank is 80 cubic feet. The middle size is 63 cubic feet and the smallest ones we have would be 53 cubic feet. All have 3000 psi just less cubic feet.

*Do you allow service/emotional support animals?

No, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any service/emotional support animals. Although U.S. hotels/properties are required by law to allow service/emotional support animals to accompany their handler anywhere the handler is allowed to go inside the establishment per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Bonaire does not fall under US law and jurisdiction. Our property is not equipped for such animals. Thank you for understanding!