Major Innovations in Snorkeling

Perhaps one of the greatest things to come along for snorkelers is the new Nitrox Underwater Technical Snorkel or abbreviated as NUTS. Users have found they can snorkel many more hours and not feel nearly as tired. Snorkelers say it is like a breath of fresh air or actually not really air but man-made air.

Except for the additional weight of the tank on the side of the snorkel and subsequent neck pains which in only a few cases have become chronic, a few people really think it is great idea. Other side effects include but are not limited to – bruising to head and shoulders from the tank, inability to keep one’s head above water, dependency on Nitrox and being laughed at.

And if you really like using split fins, the new Split Snorkel – Nature’s Lungs -gives you twice the air. Some snorkelers who could only stay down half as long as others who stayed down twice as long as they did, now can stay down twice as long as someone who could only stay down half of what they were staying down.

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